My son participated in Fit2Cook4Kids during its first season, and it truly changed his relationship with food and exercise. Before he began attending camp, he was a stereotypical 11-year-old child who liked primarily beige food, and was hesitant to try new things. By the end of camp, he was willing to try any food put in front of him without a hassle, and he had a much greater respect for the importance of flavor and nutrition. Since camp, he’s been known to enjoy simple things such as salmon, pineapple, and spinach that he’d never touch before, along with more adventurous dishes such as sweetbreads, chicken neck confit, and tea-smoked duck. We have a salad and vegetables with dinner every night, and if he watches TV, he’s generally exercising while he’s doing it. It’s no understatement to say that Fit2Cook4Kids made a huge positive impact on our family.

Kerri H.

THANK YOU for making camp so enjoyable for the boys. They are really putting the information learned to use in their everyday- eating better, reading labels, choosing better choice when eating out, cooking dinner (Doug made the spinach quiche for dinner last night)…. If the boys are not able to make it again this summer have a great school year and look for us again next summer.

Karen C.

One of my grandchildren, Alek, is attending your camp. The idea of these children attending cooking lessons, nutrition lessons, exercise sessions, communications sessions while having lots of fun interacting with their peers is amazing. Preparing the meals, enjoying the meals and being prepared with recipes to go home and cook for their families is also amazing. The camp is so enjoyable and at the same time helps kids to adjust to other kids in exchanging ideas and experiences. Even their self-esteem is raised, without them knowing they needed help in this area. What a way to treat a kid with a fun camp, that makes them proud. I cannot thank fit2cook4kids and Food and Truth (as a non-profit organization) for all they have done for Alek and his friends. I hope people realize you are a non-profit organization so that they know they can donate, as well, to such a wonderful cause. As a grandparent, I am so grateful that people like you still exist!! Sure warms the heart!

Mary Blue H.

I would personally wish to extend my gratitude for the wonderful camp you provided this week to my son, David. He has been enthusiastic to attend each day and has enjoyed the three main components: exercise, cooking, and communication. My husband & I are very pleased he has embraced new food choices that your setting presented in the most “palatable” way. We will be enjoying tea time thoroughly for a long time. We look forward to viewing all the recipes as we plan to duplicate those cute cabbages, won tons, the mango salsa, the sage turkey sausages, cucumber /yogurt salad just to name a few. Thank you for teaching me how to choose and open a mango yesterday. I am a new fan—bought two today. Please extend our appreciation to Chef Natasha & the exercise staff.

Gail S.

She (Michaela) is already talking about going to your camp next year! This has been a wonderful learning experience for her, and she has taught us a few things along the way, already. We appreciate the hard work you and your staff have put forth for this camp, and Michaela definitely loves it. Thank you for the offer, and keep up the good work!

Tim F, North Providence, RI

After a full summer of my son attending Fit2Cook4Kids I cannot even begin to explain the amazing experience it was…The confidence he gained in ALL aspects of your camp are beyond our dreams of what we hoped he’d come away with. Although he finished last Friday, the relationships he gained and experience he had will last a lifetime!! And can we talk about how he now makes breakfast once a week and dinner usually twice a week???!!! Our kitchen always smells heavenly!!! Thank you, Karen, Natasha, Emily and Tyler–we will remember you and this experience forever!!!

Kris S. Wakefield, RI