My son participated in Fit2Cook4Kids during its first season, and it truly changed his relationship with food and exercise. Before he began attending camp, he was a stereotypical 11-year-old child who liked primarily beige food, and was hesitant to try new things. By the end of camp, he was willing to try any food put in front of him without a hassle, and he had a much greater respect for the importance of flavor and nutrition. Since camp, he’s been known to enjoy simple things such as salmon, pineapple, and spinach that he’d never touch before, along with more adventurous dishes such as sweetbreads, chicken neck confit, and tea-smoked duck. We have a salad and vegetables with dinner every night, and if he watches TV, he’s generally exercising while he’s doing it. It’s no understatement to say that Fit2Cook4Kids made a huge positive impact on our family.

Kerri H.