One of my grandchildren, Alek, is attending your camp. The idea of these children attending cooking lessons, nutrition lessons, exercise sessions, communications sessions while having lots of fun interacting with their peers is amazing. Preparing the meals, enjoying the meals and being prepared with recipes to go home and cook for their families is also amazing. The camp is so enjoyable and at the same time helps kids to adjust to other kids in exchanging ideas and experiences. Even their self-esteem is raised, without them knowing they needed help in this area. What a way to treat a kid with a fun camp, that makes them proud. I cannot thank fit2cook4kids and Food and Truth (as a non-profit organization) for all they have done for Alek and his friends. I hope people realize you are a non-profit organization so that they know they can donate, as well, to such a wonderful cause. As a grandparent, I am so grateful that people like you still exist!! Sure warms the heart!

Mary Blue H.