Our Team

Karen Salvatore

Founder, Camp Director, Communications & Social Skills Instructor,
Having earned a BS in Business Administration with a major in Communication from Babson College, Karen is a social entrepreneur who figures out how to solve large social problems on the local level in a cost effective way. Having worked on transportation issues for many years, she has dedicated the rest of her working life to solving the completely preventable childhood obesity epidemic by replicating Fit2cook4kids nationally as a social franchise.

Holly Ferguson

Yoga Instructor
Holly first discovered the joy of yoga over 10 years ago, while living in Los Angeles. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher certification from the Pranotthan Yoga School, under the tutelage of the schools co-founder, Devarshi Steven Hartman, through All That Matters yoga studio, in Wakefield R.I. A certified Elementary School teacher and Pilates instructor, Holly is also a Level 1 Kingian Nonviolence trainer, receiving her training through the Center of Nonviolence and Peace Studies, at the University of Rhode Island.
Originally from England, Holly has over 20 years experience in professional theater, having performed in London West End and in regional theaters across the UK. As a mother, Holly loves being able to share the practice of yoga with her 3 daughters!

Nancy Seale

Nancy Seale is a Branch Manager at Rhode Island Credit Union and the mother of one son. She has worked at the Credit Union for over 30 years and is passionate about Financial Literacy and preparing children for the future. Nancy has taught financial literacy to campers for years, and currently serves on the Food and Truth Board of Directors.

Norman J. Leclair

Advisor, Chef, Author
Former proprietor of Red Rooster Tavern, North Kingstown, RI, and author of Culinary Expressions, Seafood Expressions, and Chicken Expressions, Normand retired from teaching at Fit2cook4Kids camps when he reached the tender age of 80. We could not bear to see him go, so he joined the board of directors and is our adviser to our aspiring TV chefs. We’d be hard pressed to find a chef more passionate about his craft and so willing to share his talent!


Counselor in Training
Dane is entering the 7th grade. He enjoys wood working and making gifts for family and friends. He’s on the little league baseball team and plays recreational basketball. He has played flag football and is now moving onto tackle football. Dane loves reading, especially Steven King books. He is a history buff and loves to cook.


Leah was 9 years old when she first came to camp. Now 13 and going into the eighth grade, Leah plays on the girls basketball team and is also involved in gymnastics and lacrosse. She has been studying piano for seven years, and is known for bringing cupcakes to her lunch table at school.


Counselor in Training
Veronica is going into 8th grade and became a CIT after four summers of camp. She is into food, animal science and chemistry. A competitive swimmer at Bryant University Aquatic Club, Veronica has played softball since elementary school. She is passionate about art and frequently takes art classes at RISD. She says that attending Fit2cook got her into cooking and that she enjoys Asian cuisine and being creative in the kitchen.


Counselor in Training
Ava, now in the seventh grade, loves having tea and serving others. A veteran of six camps, she remembers learning about spices and cooking with her grandmother beginning at the age of two. She absolutely loves the life tools she has received from her Fit2cook experience. Ava is thinking about being a cardiologist someday.


Counselor in Training
Emily is entering the eighth grade and likes to promote healthy eating by incorporating wholesome ingredients into family meals. After several sessions of camp, she appreciates the amount of preparation and cleaning that goes into each meal. Emily has enjoyed learning chopping, dicing, and timing which has give her confidence in the kitchen. She enjoys being a member of the Warwick Figure Skating organization, playing tennis, acting, singing in the drama club, and playing the bass clarinet in her school orchestra.


Counselor in Training
Sam is entering the 6th grade and has attended two camps every summer for the past three years. A King of Camp, Sam is a hard worker who likes to cook for people and have fun. He loves sports and picks basketball and Lacrosse as his favorites. He has two dogs, Sawyer and Remi. Sam is artistic, loves to paint with oils, and is currently making 3D pictures.


Counselor in Training
Jacob is entering 9th grade. He attended Fit2cook because he wanted to learn more about cooking. Into all kinds of music, he’s been studying piano for seven years. He has three years of Karate and is interested in designing circuit boards and computer coding. He may become an electrical engineer. He loves dogs and has two, Luna and Star.


Counselor in Training
Grace is entering the 9th grade and loves fencing, basketball and track. She loves to cook and sometimes prepares food for the kids she babysits for. Grace wants to be a cardiologist.


Counselor in Training
Elizabeth is entering the seventh grade and is on the swim team, plays piano, and trumpet. She loves cooking dinner and is into gluten free recipes. She plans to be a teacher.


Counselor in Training
Jack, now entering the 5th grade, has been coming to camp since he was six and intent on wanting to learn about being a chef. He won King of camp at his very first session! A non-stop worker, Jack loves to chop, cook, and clean. He loves teaching and passing knowledge on to others. His room is all Disney. Jack loves animals and has a rabbit, bearded dragon, two hamsters and a Russian Blue cat named puddles.


Counselor in Training
Bobby is 12 and has known since the age of 10 that he wants to be a chef or engineer. He came to Fit2cook4Kids and found a friendly environment where he enjoyed learning may recipes and especially liked learning to prepare sushi. He learns many things by watching YouTube and likes the “Backyard Scientist.” Bobby has practiced karate for five years.


Counselor in Training (CIT)
Avery is 13 and entering the 8th grade. Interested in music, she is a drummer, plays guitar, is self taught on the piano, and plays in the school band. She’s into martial arts and soft ball, loves cats and has three of them! Avery wants to go to medical school to become a child psychiatrist.


Counselor in Training (CIT)
Oriana has been attending Fit2cook4Kids since the age of 11. She is now going into her freshman year at Johnson and Wales University to earn a BS in Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Industry Management. She has been playing piano since the age of seven, and enjoys making thousand piece puzzles and building Lego architecture sets.


Counselor in Training (CIT)
Phoebe, CIT Admin., is entering her second year in high school. A queen of camp her very first session, Phoebe has a strong drive for business and quickly became invaluable as the CIT administrator. She loves cooking and baking and was most impressed as a camper with the effect of yoga and meditation on her ability to cope with the stress of everyday life. She loved learning financial literacy at camp and is a natural entrepreneur who sees a future in science, economics and financial planning.


Counselor in Training (CIT)
Brandon is entering high school in the business and finance program. He started coming to camp five years ago at the age of 9. He’s a catcher on the junior league baseball team. Brandon cooks a lot at home to the delight of his parents and enjoys going on cruises mostly to taste the food. His ambition is to be a realtor and flip houses.


Counselor in Training (CIT)
Ariana is going into eighth grade. This is her fifth year of fit2cook camps and second year as a CIT. She plays competitive softball and is a member of the drama club. A Girl Scout since kindergarten, she is also in the Girl Scout leadership training program. Ariana loves music, especially hip hop, and sings in the school chorus.