What is the focus of Fit2Cook Camps?2020-07-04T14:13:44+00:00

Food, fitness and social skills. At Fit2cook4Kids, we build confidence and self esteem by having fun while kids learn to prepare healthy food, stay fit and communicate well as ambassadors of good health.

What is the goal?2020-07-04T14:14:19+00:00

The goal is for kids to become “kitchen competent”.  By learning about sanitation, knife safety and food prep basics campers build marketable skills that can later translate into their first job.  During the morning camp meeting, campers who prepared a family meal the night before, have a chance to present on their experience.  Standing up voluntarily to present and share among peers prepares kids for college or job interviews in the future.

Are the hours convenient for working parents?2020-07-04T14:15:08+00:00

Hours are: Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM with drop off as early as 8:00 AM and pick up as late as 5:30 PM, for  the convenience of working parents.

Early birds get to help the chef prepare a healthy breakfast which parents are invited to enjoy.

How many kids per camp, and instructors per kid?2020-07-04T14:16:07+00:00

There is a minimum of 10 kids per camp and a maximum of 24 kids per camp.

There is one instructor for every 5 to 7 campers.

Campers may register for as many weeks as they desire, space permitting.  The recipes change from week to week so campers can sign up for as many weeks as they wish without menu redundancy,  and repeat campers are encouraged to further develop their skills.

What is the cost of attending a week-long camp?2020-07-04T14:16:59+00:00

The cost of camp is $525 per week for regular hours, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Extended hours (8:00 AM to 5:30 PM) are available for an additional $62.50 per week. 

Working parents with children under the age of 13 may qualify for the child and dependent care tax credit. In that case you will need the Food And Truth Federal ID number which is: 11-3754693.

How do I pay?2020-07-04T14:23:00+00:00

Available payment options include credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), PayPal, and check. Full payment is due 30 days before camp start date. Please mail checks to:

Food And Truth Inc
621 Gilbert Stuart Road, Saunderstown, RI 02874

What are the details?2020-07-04T14:23:47+00:00

Payment is due in full 4 weeks prior to the camp start date. If full payment is not received by the cutoff date, your child’s spot may be forfeited to the next camper on the wait-list. We will gladly work with you to reschedule for another week.

Cancellation is allowed up to 30 days in advance of the camp start date for a full refund MINUS $20 for registration and processing fees. Sorry, no refunds available for cancellations under 30 days.

No-show campers on opening day are not eligible for any refunds.

Life happens. If the date that you chose becomes an issue, we will help you move your child to another session.

What does Fit2Cook offer?2020-07-04T14:24:29+00:00

Depending on kitchen space, we sometimes offer after school programs, special cooking classes and camps during school breaks.  Sign up for Fit2cook eNews to receive announcements of any new and exciting program offerings.  

Is there a dress code for camp?2020-07-04T14:25:06+00:00

Covered shoes are required for the kitchen.  Also required, hair pulled back, fingernails clipped and clean, loose clothing for fitness fun.  No dangling earrings or bracelets that can fall into the food or harbor pathogens.

How do I contact my child while camp is in session?2020-07-04T14:25:39+00:00

You may visit camp while in session at any time.  We invite you for breakfast every morning.  We ask campers to put their phones away during session, but they break for lunch at 11:30 AM and again after fitness for afternoon snack, at which time they can use their phones.  Just leave a message or, if your call is urgent, simply dial 401-294-6800 and you will be put in touch with your child.

Is there a graduation ceremony or certificate?2020-07-04T14:26:19+00:00

Every Friday parents, family and friends are invited to join camp at 4:00 PM for a ceremony that begins at 4:15.  The camper who earned the most stars is designated King or Queen of the camp.  Campers show off their new food, fitness, and communication skills.  Following the graduation ceremony where campers receive their Certificate of Completion, guests enjoy refreshments prepared by the graduated Junior Chefs.  

What does a typical day look like?2020-07-04T14:37:59+00:00
Time Activity
8:00 AM Campers arrive and prepare coffee, tea, and breakfast for other campers & parents
9:00 AM  All camp meeting to discuss day’s activities
9:15 AM Discussions/review of pathogens, cross contamination, sanitation, kitchen chemicals, knife safety, knife skills, etc. Presentations on what campers researched on food and fitness or on food they prepared at home.
9:45 AM Campers begin preparing lunch.
11:30 AM  Campers enjoy the lunch they prepared.
12:30 PM Guest speakers on financial literacy, food, fitness, etc.
1:00 PM Exercise including cardio, yoga, art, swimming, depending on camp location.
2:30 PM Campers enjoy the healthy snack they prepared.
3:00 PM Pressure Cooker – teams compete by creating original recipes.  Winners earn the right to replicate their recipe on the Fit2cook4Kids TV show.
4:45 PM Review & Reflection
5:00 PM Checkout


What is a star chart and how does it work?2020-07-04T14:38:54+00:00

Campers earn stars that recognize their achievements. On Friday, the camper with the most stars is crowned “King or Queen” of the camp and is first to choose from prizes that were displayed during the week. The second most star-getter chooses next, etc. Every camper wins a prize. This is how stars are earned:

  • Bring flowers
  • Bring food or herbs from the garden
  • Look up a food or fitness topics
  • Present on the topic or topics
  • Prepare food at home and take a picture
  • Present on the food you served at home
  • Arrive early – help prepare breakfast
  • Wash dishes – clear sinks, sanitize tables
  • Set the table
  • Clean up a mess you did not make
  • Fold laundry
  • Give the right answer
  • Help someone else
  • Win game of TeaTime©
  • Win “Financial Literacy”
  • Be extra kind


What is offered for multi-year campers?2020-07-04T14:39:33+00:00

SENIOR CAMPERS have 80 or more hours of Fit2Cook camp experience. Graduates possessing command of knowledge and the desire to share, are elevated to “Senior Camper” status and allowed to present information to new campers. They may advance to more complex cooking activities with the chef. They are encouraged to share their acquired knowledge and skills, and mentor new campers as part of their leadership training. Senior campers focus on polishing speaking and presentation skills and developing leadership abilities.

What is needed for camp?2020-07-04T14:40:47+00:00

Upon registering online, the forms below (7) will be sent with your confirmation email, with instructions on where to send completed forms, or to simply bring them to registration on the first day of camp.

Camper Promise

Bully Prevention

Health History

Parent Pickup

Path to Stars

Permission to Participate/Media Release

Personal Property & Possessions

What is the campers promise?2020-07-04T14:41:28+00:00

It sets the tone for camp.  All campers sign a “Campers’ Promise” which spells out the decorum that will be adhered to during camp. While we laugh a lot and have a great time, the promise is an example to campers that in a real employment environment, agreements are used to ensure that everyone understands what is expected from both parties. Click here to see our “Campers’ Promise”.

What is the game called pressure cooker?2020-07-04T14:42:08+00:00

Created by our campers, they break into two or three teams and have 45 minutes to create a dish with predetermined ingredients.  The dishes are judged on taste, presentation and creativity.  Winning team members earn stars.  This game sharpens teamwork, leadership and presentation skills.

What is it and how do I participate?2020-07-04T14:42:56+00:00

When our graduates produce the Fit2cook TV show at the PEGRI TV studio in Providence, they host it, are behind the cameras, in the control room and do the editing.  Shows are aired on local community access channels.  We are not currently producing any shows.  We are looking for a volunteer who is willing to coordinate the show, schedule the taping and the kids to run the show.  

What’s involved?2020-07-04T14:43:36+00:00

Fit2cook campers are encouraged to go home and prepare for the family what they learned to make that day.  If they bring a picture of the food they made to camp the next day, they earn a star.  If they get up and present on the experience of preparing the food and talk about the response from their family, they earn another star.  If they are voted “Best Presenter” by the other campers, they earn an extra star.

What is financial literacy training?2020-07-04T14:44:10+00:00

Since many of our older campers go on to get jobs, we invite a local banker to explain the difference between savings, checking, debit and credit accounts and how to use certificates of deposit. Campers are given a challenge: You are now earning $120 per week at your part time job.

  • Calculate your annual income.
  • How much you will save, and what will it be saved for?
  • How much you will spend and what you will spend it on?

Campers share their annual budget and vote for the best one to get a star.

What is the game?2020-07-04T14:44:49+00:00

TeaTime© is a fun game that makes players think before they speak. The last player in the game earns the star. This game is played in the morning while campers are enjoying breakfast, sometimes during lunch and/or in the afternoon, time permitting. The game was created by Food And Truth founder, Karen Salvatore, tested on two generations of children. The game has the amazing ability of getting players to break bad speech habits.

What’s done if there is a mishap at camp?2020-07-04T14:45:37+00:00

Bumps, bruises, cuts, burns, scrapes… minor, easily treated injuries are administered first aid at camp without calling the parent or guardian. We will call the designated person if the camper remains distressed or if the injury is deemed more serious.

We do not administer prescription or over-the-counter medications to children at camp. That is the responsibility of the guardian or parent.